• Handyman Services

    Our Home Cleaning Services Exclusive Service:


    Exclusively for our recurring cleaning clients, Our Home Cleaning Services offers handyman services to help our clients around the house.

    Put a Our Home Cleaning Services Home Services handyman to work on either an hourly or a project basis. You'll receive the same assurance of excellent work, attention to detail and on-time performance as what you are used to with your current cleaning service

    Examples of our handyman services include:

    • Minor electrical work

      • Outlets/switches

      • Ceiling fans

    • Small plumbing jobs

      • Replacement of sinks and faucets

      • Leaky plumbing, dripping faucets

    • Walls and ceilings

      • Removal and patching of drywall

      • Retexturing of ceilings

    • Painting

      • Touch-ups, rooms

    • Millwork

      • Installation of trim, doors and cabinets

      • Assembling of furniture; for example, IKEA or Target items

    • Tile work

      • Replacement of broken or cracked pieces

      • Grout and tile sealing

      • Re-grouting

    • Window repair

      • Sash-cord replacement

      • Broken glass

      • Re-glazing

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